First Movie Clips of “The Vow”

Sony Pictures released the first 3 movie clips of “The Vow” yesterday. We added them in our media archive. The first clip is from the wedding scene, the second one in a restaurant eating dessert and the last one shows us the first time Paige and Leo meet. Rachel and Channing are expected to start the US promo tour this week. The movie will hit theaters February 10, 2012 – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Update: One more movie clip was released today via the official facebook of The Vow. We added the clip in media archive well.

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  1. Rachel is beautiful……..and especially as a bride!!!! Oh, her smile is wonderful!!!! The chemistry between Rachel and Channing is wonderful, which to me is the key to a successful Romanitc Comedy. The swim scene was cute………they have nude beaches in California!!!!LOL Women need to critique Channing because I (and all men) couldn’t keep my eyes off of Rachel!!!! She was perfect! THe movie is a winner! Congratulations!!!!!!!

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