Live with Kelly! Appearance

Rachel made an appearance on Live with Kelly! with Daniel Radcliffe as guest host yesterday (January 31st) morning. We added the interview in our media archive, we love that Daniel is mentioning “Slings & Arrows” since it’s one of our favorite Rachel projects so far. We also added the screen captures of the interview in our gallery.

It was also announced yesterday that Rachel will make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on February 10.

1 Comment on “Live with Kelly! Appearance”

  1. “Rachel McAdams: The dress isn’t the right length for this show!
    Daniel Radcliffe: No one’s complaining.”

    I LOVE DANIEL IN THIS INTERVIEW, omg. I love how he mentioned “Slings & Arrows” a random small Canadian TV show even I didn’t know about until I got into Rachel McAdams stuff, and he genuinely seemed like he was interested in the TV show too <3

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