Latest News on “Passion”

Rachel will start shooting her new upcoming movie “Passion” in Berlin next Monday (March 5) with co-star Noomi Rapace and director Biran de Palma for 10 weeks. The movie will shoot entirely on location in Berlin, including at the Sony Center, Bode Museum and restaurant Margaux.

Dominic Cooper and German actress Karoline Herfurth recently joined the cast. Rachel was seen at the Toronto Airport this weekend because pre-production for the movie began on Sunday (February 26). We really hope we will get some on set pictures of Rachel!

Some other film related news; last year we reported that Rachel was possibly attached to “The Emperor’s Children” with Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson and director Scott Cooper. They were aiming to start shooting the movie in April, but it looks like it’s pushed back since the director will start shooting another movie before summer and we assume Rachel is still filming “Passion” in April.

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