First On Set pictures of “Passion” in Berlin

Rachel was seen on set of “Passion” yesterday (March 5) in Berlin on location with director Brian de Palma. Her co-star Noomi Rapace was also seen on set of the film. Yesterday was the first official day of filming. Rachel, Noomi and Karoline Herfurth had dress rehearsals last week in the Babelsberg Studios. Many thanks to my amazing friend Stepan for donating these pictures.

The movie will continue to shoot in Berlin, on location, for the next 10 weeks and is expected to get released late this year or early 2013. There are rumors about a possible Berlinale premiere (German Film Festival) in 2013.

Update: We had to remove them on request. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. She looks like an older version of Regina George, ugh. /shudders/ You know, those stunningly gorgeous people but are secretly a mass murderer or something. Gives me the creeps.
    /judging on her outfit + makeup alone, that is/

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