Possible Steven Soderbergh Collaboration?

We came across an interview with Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum while they were promoting their movie in London and they talked about Channing’s upcoming movie “Magic Mike” with director Steven Soderbergh.

Rachel visited the set of the movie one time, and Channing mentions that Rachel came to set to meet director Steven Soderbergh because Rachel and Soderbergh were talking about doing a movie together.

She came to set to meet Soderbergh, because they were talking about doing a movie together. It was pretty hilarious [to see Channing as his character, who is a stripper] because I was like: ‘You haven’t seen this side of me’.”

Magic Mike” was filmed in october/september of last year in Tampa, Florida. We really hope Rachel and Steven Soderbergh will work together in the future since we love his work. We haven’t found more information about this possible project. Rachel is currently filming “Passion” with director Brian De Palma in Berlin.