Untitled Terrence Malick Movie: Ready For Cannes?

Since last year there are speculations about the untitled Terrence Malick movie premiering at the Film Festival of Cannes 2012 but we haven’t got any official news on the movie since the first production still was released.

But now it seems like it’s most likely the movie will get released in 2012 and maybe even at Cannes. Olga Kurylenko, who is also starring in the movie, talked about the movie in one of her recent interviews. She said “The Terrence Malick film should come out in 2012 but I don’t know when exactly” and she also revealed she saw an approximate trailer that they showed at Cannes a while ago.

CraveOnline: Do you get to see any cuts of the Malick film along the way?
Oh no, with Terrence, no. He doesn’t show anything. I probably recorded about 400 pages of text. I read a book because there’s a lot of voiceover. I’ve only seen the approximate trailer that they were showing in Cannes that they made up a while ago. The movie wasn’t even cut but now they’re very close. I think they’re very close to being done.
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Jessica Chastain recently confirmed she hear she didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie. So it looks like the movie is almost done. We are hoping it will be ready for Cannes next month! The official selection of Cannes will be announced April 19, 2012. Be sure to go to our information page on the movie for more information, quotes and more!

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  1. @ Julian – Could be, but I don’t think it is. It’s not yet confirmed.

    I did report wrong before, the selection will be announced the 19 April, not the 17.

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