Cannes Poster for “Passion” + New Production Stills!

The official facebook account for “Passion” released some new film goodies and news for us. The first poster was released for the movie, it’s a poster for the Cannes Film Festival market because the movie will look for (international) distributors. They will show a teaser at Cannes to promote the film.

The facebook account also released a few more production stills: two on set pictures and two new film stills with Rachel. They also released two more stills without her, so be sure to head over to the official facebook page and don’t forget to ‘Like’ it! Thanks to for the find!

We heard they are aiming for a Berlinale Film Festival release in 2013, but we are hoping they will release the movie in the US late 2012.

6 Comments on “Cannes Poster for “Passion” + New Production Stills!”

  1. Lindsey,
    i guess u meant BerLINALe.. ;)
    but some great shots right there.
    cant wait to see how Rachel did here in Berlin..hehe ;)
    thnxx for posting!

  2. @ Olli – Yes, sorry for the typo. I fixed it, thanks for the tip :) I don’t know what is is but I made a lot of typos in this most :p I am excited to see the first footage of Passion. Looks good right?

    If “A Most Wanted Man” is going to happen she will film in Hamburg starting in September. You might be able to meet her there?

  3. i need to be fully spoiled – so can i have both TO THE WONDER and PASSION second half of this year?! please

  4. VERY excited about this, proud of Rachel doing something so left field for her!

  5. @Lindsey
    same here,the images look very good,i cant wait for the teaser trailer :)
    hamburg is like 2hrs from berlin,so not around the corner,but also not -that- far away.
    i’d travel everywhere for her (last yr i almost travelled to cannes..) but for shootings,i dont know,u,like,need to be in the city they’re shooting the movie so u can just walk around (for miles like i did for rachel in berlin) and try to spot filming locations. & even then,its not guaranteed u meet the persons u want to meet. u need to know the filming locations + filming times in advance,otherwise its not that easy. so i’d say its much easier to meet the actors at movie premieres.
    in rachels passion case, im just praying she’ll come to the berlinale 2013.
    (i unfortunately also missed the the vow photocall she did with channing tatum in munich.. & it was a city that i visited multiple times in the past yrs..)
    i have a feeling i’ll meet her again,well i really really hope that..

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