Terrence Malick Project titled “To The Wonder”?

It looks like we finally have the official title for the Terrence Malick project. Filmratings.com, the official website that list MPAA’s ratings, list the movie as “To The Wonder” and currently list it as a R-Rating

Title: To The Wonder (2012)
Rating: R
Reason: Rated R for some sexuality/nudity.
Company: Redbud Pictures LLC.

It was previously reporter that the film was titled “The Burial” but the producers confirmed that it was a fake title. The distributor FilmNation still list the movie as untitled on their official website, so I am not sure “To The Wonder” is the final title. It was recently confirmed that the film wasn’t part of the Cannes Film Festival selection.

It does seem like the film is (almost) done since it already got rated. Let’s hope we will get some official news about the release soon. Thanks to Projectedlight from the IMDB board for the find!

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  1. I did a little bit of searching myself. It does seem like this is the official title, because tothewonder.com, tothewondermovie.com and tothewonderfilm.com are registered domain names. They are all registered at December 8, 2011 by Redbud.

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