“A Most Wanted Man” Confirmed

Variety just posted an article that confirms Rachel is part of the cast of “A Most Wanted Man” with Philip Seymour Hoffman, who she mentioned in 2009 as her favorite actor, and Anton Corbijn will be directing. The film also financed and filming is expected to start in September of this year in Hamburg, Germany.

Back in April the Tracking Board first reported that Rachel was the front runner for “A Most Wanted Man“. We are so excited Rachel now has two films line upped! She will start filmingAbout Time” in London next month.

Update: THR confirmed Rachel “signed on” to join “A Most Wanted Man“, they also reveal she will play “a woman who becomes involved in the international intrigue” which must mean she is Annabel Richter, the lawyer in the original book. Thanks to Wendy for the heads up!

Senator Film Production and Solveig Fina are co-producing “A Most Wanted Man” with Amusement Park Films, Potboiler Film and Ink Factory.

Senator’s distrib arm, Senator Film Verleih, will release the film in Germany next year.

Pic has so far secured €900,000 ($1.15 million) from Hamburg funder Filmfoerderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) and is in line for additional coin from other local subsidies.

Anton Corbijn (“Control”) is directing the John Le Carre adaptation Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams.

Film is co-developed and co-financed by the U.K’s Film4 with Tessa Ross as executive producer.

Helge Sasse, Senator Entertainment CEO said: “We are happy that the support of Hamburg and Berlin subsidies made it possible for the producers to shoot the film in Germany; that made it a natural project that we are pleased to be part of. It not only fits Senator’s slate and is our kind of movie, it also allows us to participate in the production a major international blockbuster right on our doorstep.”

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  1. ‘a woman who becomes involved in the international intrigue’ and Rachel McAdams .. I wonder her new acting with that role ..

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