8 Year Anniversary Celebration – Day #4

We continue our special 8 year anniversary celebration with our 4th post. I hope you enjoyed our first 3, and thanks everyone for your nice comments so far. Be sure to read inside/after jump to find out our 4th reason why we are a fan of her! And we would love to hear your reason why you are a fan of her in our comment section.

Reason #4: Because we love watching her interviews

Rachel’s interviews are always fun to watch, she always has fun and interesting stories to tell. We selected our favorite interviews for this post, especially the ones in which she shared a fun, interesting or moving anecdote.

Seeing “The Notebook” on a plane

Rachel saw all her movies on a plane, and during her Conan O’Brien interview in 2005, while promoting “The Family Stone” (2005), she shared a story about seeing “The Notebook” on a plane.

“I saw ‘The Notebook’ on a plane, and I am trying to drink a lot of water when I am flying so I had to get up and go to the bathroom a lot, and the guy beside me, it was lovely, he was so enthralled. But every time I got up he was just staring at the screen and I was this close to him walking pass and he was like: ‘get out of the way’.”

The one were she completely gave away the plot

Rachel always has a difficult time to stay away from spoilers, especially in her The Daily Show interview in 2009 while promoting “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009). The host John Stewart even responded at one point during the interview “You’re giving this f*cking thing away left and right.”

“He has a vasectomy at one point without asking me if that’s okay so I sleep with his younger self and get pregnant that way. [audience laughs] It’s a lovely love story, it’s really charming. Oh I am in so much trouble!”

Butt shaped chocolats for the crew

Rachel wanted to buy gifts for the hair and make-up people before wrapping up filming “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) in London and she ended up buying something in the local sex shop…

“There was this great little sex shop actually across the street. It was very sophisticated. But anyway, the point it. I was going to get gifts for the hair and make-up crew and I was actually sick at the time and I was super, super sick and working all the time so I was kind of hopped up on drugs. As you are when you are sick, and I had no time – it was right before work – and it was our last day and I thought well I just run into the sex shop and and see if I can find something there for everyone. So I went it and I am looking around, and then I get to the counter and there are these chocolats and I was like ‘Oh those are so cute, they are like little kisses and I was like or bum hols'”

Tour Guide in New York

Rachel had various summer jobs, including at McDonald’s and working at a children’s theater, but she also worked as a tour guide in New York. While promoting “Morning Glory” (2010) she makes a stop at Live with Regis & Kelly and shares her story about being a guide.

“I was a tour guide in New York – it was a tour company in Toronto – and they they had someone call-in sick and they said: ‘Do you wanna take’ – you know these buses full of high school kids – and take them to New York’ and I had never been to New York and I said: ‘Yes’ […] I had no idea what I was talking about, I mean I was that person at the front of the bus who’s supposed to tell the kids, you know, all about New York and I was like ‘That’s a nice building!’ I had like cheat sheets all up my arms and and I lost two kids in Harlem. We found them, they were only slightly traumatized.”

The moment that changed her life

Rachel shared this stories a few times in interviews throughout the years. She was planning on applying to study cultural studies in collage because theater seems a ‘bit like a joke‘ but Rachel ended up going to York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree in 2001 thanks to her drama teacher. She most recently mentions it during “The Vow” (2012) press junkets.

“I was in high school and it was the day our applications were due for collage and I was applying for like cultural studies and I ran into my drama teacher in the hallway and she said: ‘You know I thought you would study theater’. And I was like: ‘ Oh I didn’t really think I could do that’. She just sort of gave me the permission and I literally walked into the office and I asked for my application back and I penciled in theater and I scratched out cultural studies and my whole life changed. And I am so endeared to that wonderful teacher miss Pereira, thank you so much.”

You can watch her morning, talk and late night shows in our media archive and find links to the movie related press junket interviews at our in-depth filmography pages. We would also recommend you to watch her David Letterman, Unscripted with Eric Bana, T4 with Patrick Wilson and her interviews with Channing Tatum because those our one of our favorites.