8 Year Anniversary Celebration – Day #5

We are already at our 5th post from our 8 Year Anniversary Celebration, I hope you are enjoying our post so far. You can find our our 5th reason inside/after the jump.

Reason #5: Because of her style

One of the best parts of Rachel doing promotion for her a new movie is we get to see new red carpet looks. We love her fashion and hair style, and feel like she is a true style icon. We selected our favorite looks in this post so be sure to read on.

But really, I’m myself, no matter what colour my hair is.”
Rachel McAdams, National Post (2004)

We love Rachel’s every changing hair style; over the years she had many hair styles and colors. From Blonde, brunette, black to red – she even pulled off pink high lights – long, short, styled to curled. Rachel tried everything. Fun fact: her natural hair color is “dirty blonde” but she hasn’t had her natural hair color since “high school“. Her hair colorist is Craig Moir, he is based in Toronto. Mark Townsend is one of hair stylist during events.

It’s fun for me to experiment with my hair. I prefer being a blonde, but I like it all. I’d like to really, really red at some point. I’d love to try everything.”
Rachel McAdams, Instyle (2010)

Her most memorable hair color was probably her pink high lights. She had them in late 2006/early 2007. We might see blue hair lights at one point because Rachel “thinks about doing blue at some point“. A styling tip from Rachel herself, she dries her hair in little buns.

Our favorites

It’s honestly really difficult to pick our favorites hair styles, because honestly we love them all. But we tried to pick our favorites.

These last few years have been a real education for me in terms of fashion. I’ve had exposure to these amazing designers and a whole new quality of clothing.”
Rachel McAdams, Instyle (2012)

Rachel always knows how to steal the show on a red carpet. She is frequently named ‘Best Dressed’ after she attends an event. Rachel worked with the styling duo Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn since 2009. She sometimes feels like a cinderella because “it’s all borrowed and you feel like a pumpkin“. Some of Rachel’s favorite designers are Ellie Saab, Marchesa and Christian Louboutin heels.

Our favorites

Rachel is very adventurous with personal style, especially with hair and makeup. She takes a chance and isn’t afraid to not look the best.”
Kayleen McAdams, Vogue (2009)

Rachel wasn’t allowed to wear make-up until she went to Highschool but she “begged and pleaded a little earlier than that and was given a few small tokes at a time“. Rachel’s sister Kayleen is her make-up artist. Kayleen worked with Rachel since 2005, and even worked on set with her during two movies. Rachel’s favorite beauty product is her concealer.

Our favorites

Her favorites

We selected some of Rachel’s favorites, with which she was spotted frequently. Hover over to find out which item.

Our style files are still under constructions, but you can already see an overview of her red carpet looks, candid fashion, style quotes and styling team.