“About Time” Additional On Set Photos

I added lots of additional photos of Rachel on set of “About Time, including more from Rachel and co-star Domhnall Gleeson filming on Abbey Road yesterday (July 9) and some additional photos from July 4 and June 15. I also created a new album with fan photos from various days. Thanks to Christine for donating some of them!

Update: Just added over 40 more additional images of Rachel filming “About Time” on Abbey Road. Be sure to check them all out in our gallery.

The production will continue shooting in London and is also expected to move to Cornwall later this month.

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  1. Do you think she is wearing a wig for this movie, so that she will be able to use her real hair for a most wanted man?

  2. I hope she can have her real hair for mostwanted man, i hope she dyes it brown tho, shelook beautiful as a brunette, will she be having british accent or will she be speaking wih no accent in about time. I hope u get nominated for an oscar in the future

  3. Beautiful new layout and nice photos. Which typeface are you using? Kind regards, Lena

  4. @ Lena – I didn’t design the layout myself, so I have no idea.

    @ Julia – I just checked myself, they do seem a bit darker but I am not sure. It’s quite common for an actor to wear colored lenses for a movie :)

  5. I live in Cornwall, and I was wondering where the set will be as I would love to be able to meet rachel

  6. @ Beth – The residents from around Porthpean House, PL26 got a notice about filming and people from the crew mentioned staying in Fowey, Cornwall. I hope it helps?

    I am not sure how much they will film on location, since it also seem like they are going to shoot scenes inside the Porthpean House and a local church. Good luck :)

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