“To The Wonder” Update

TerrenceMalick.org published an interesting article regarding “To The Wonder“. According to his source at FilmNation the “possibility of any trailer or related publicity material coming out in the fall of 2012 is still vague, possibly unlikely” but “at the most we may finally see a release date“.

The film still does not have a U.S. distributor which seems to be holding up a release date of the now-completed film. Possibly, the difficulties of The Tree of Life and its polarizing effect on the box office may be an underlying issue.

When asked for any kind of teaser image or information, I was told that there still is nothing in the public domain that they could release.

To The Wonder” was part of the Cannes market to find distributors, people from the industry saw photographes of the movie, and is rumored to be released at Venice Film Festival this year. Luigi Lonigro, director of the Italian distributor company 01 Distribution, recently confirmed in an interview that his company got the Italian rights for the movie and that he was hoping for a “christmas release“.

The movie is completed, it currently holds a r-rating. The source at FilmNation was “referring to widespread release” so it’s still possible that the movie will be released at Venice Film Festival. Last year the line-up for the festival was announced late July.

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  1. Thanks for the info. You do a great job running this site.
    This film will probably kick around the filmfest for a while then maybe VOD or dvd release. If it does get released it will do its 1 week duty in LA and NYC.

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