Filming “About Time” in Cornwall

Rachel and the cast of crew of “About Time” were seen filming in Cornwall (UK) earlier this week (July 17). It looks like they were filming a wedding scene. Bill Nighy was also photographed on set, and we assume he will be playing Domhnall Gleeson character’s dad who taught him how to travel time.

IMDB currently list a March 23, 2013 release for the UK for the movie. The production is expected to film in Cornwall for two more weeks.

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  1. @ rmcfan – English isn’t my first language so I know it’s far from perfect but I am learning every day, and do the best I can. I don’t mind at all of people correct me, but I feel like your comment is a little bit harsh. Especially considering how much time and effort I put into this site.

  2. We do really like your site as we’re big fans of Ms McAdams and your coverage is always current and really well laid out. Your anniversary series earlier this month was a great review of Rachel’s past 8 years.

    You might consider though to let someone edit your entries if you are learning English as a second language.

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