Hanan Townshend Scoring “To The Wonder”

phusis from the IMDB board posted this news a few weeks ago, but I forgot to update it on the main site. Now IndieWire article reminded me about it. Hanan Townshend was recently added as the “To The Wonder” composer on the IMDB page of the movie. He also worked with Terrence Malick on “The Tree Of Life”.

Malick has enlisted Hanan Townshend to score the upcoming movie, bringing in a relatively fresh face after working with folks like Alexandre Desplat, James Horner and Hans Zimmer on his last few films. However, Townshend was already very familiar with how Malick works. One of his pieces, “Eternal Pulse,” was featured in the soundtrack to “The Tree Of Life,” and he performed on a number of tunes as well, and clearly the director liked what he heard to bring him back. Of course, who knows what other pieces of music Malick might bring into the fray, but this is a big step up for Townshend who has largely worked on smaller, lesser known indie flicks until now.

If you are interested in Townshend’s work be sure to head over to his official website and listen to his composer reel. “To The Wonder” will premiere at Venice Film Festival on September 2 and is also selected for the Toronto International Film Festival in September.