“Passion” Selected for NYFF 2012

The line up for the 50th New York Film Festival was announced today and Brian de Palma’s “Passion” starring Rachel, Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth is part of the festival’s line up. The movie is also selected for the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Passion (Brian de Palma, France/Germany)
Brian De Palma brings great panache and a diabolical mastery of surprise to a classic tale of female competition and revenge. Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams are super-cool and oh so mean.

The festival runs from September 28 – October 14 and for more information head over to the official website. The official schedule will be announced later on.

5 Comments on ““Passion” Selected for NYFF 2012”

  1. Rachel you are amazing I love all your movies I acted in high school and im in the military now but when i get out im going to acting school because you have inspired me to do it again. My mom is from canada and we love you so much your a wonderful actress if you reply to this it will make my day! Your Amazing!

  2. Rachel, Rachel…..,

    I just don’t understand. You are one of the most beautiful women in the world; why risk everything for a lesbian movie? Today is not only a sad day for me, but for many others. I can no longer watch your movies.

  3. Which is not a big loss for her Jerry then. If you’re so mind downgraded to judge for a leasbian movie. The sadness is that there’s people like you in 2012 who can’t accept homosexuality. It’s really sad.
    Go for it Rachel, always have been fan of your choices, and always will be. :)

  4. I think it should be looked at as a ‘thriller’ type movie & a total turn from what she normally does. This is great for her because she has been typed classed for a long time.

  5. @Jerry, what kind of “everything” is she just risking? Your admiration? It won’t be a big loss anyway…

    She’s an actress, she’s in the market to show her work and her talent, not to support her “fans” poor view of humanity.

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