“A Most Wanted Man” Confirmed by JohnLeCarre.com

John le Carré’s official website published an article which introduces the cast of “A Most Wanted Man” so far. Rachel and Philip Seymour Hoffman officially signed on to the movie and Robin Wright and Willem Dafoe are rumored to be in talks as additions to the cast.

As the excitement mounts for the upcoming film, read on to see who’s who in ‘A Most Wanted Man’…

Despite reports in Variety last week that both Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright were joining the project, much remains to be confirmed about the casting of le Carré’s ‘A Most Wanted Man’. All the signs though are that an extraordinary range of talent is coming together to work on the film.

Rachel McAdams’ acting work is just as varied. After her role as the manipulative Regina George in ‘Mean Girls’ for which she is justly lauded, McAdams has more recently had roles such as quick-thinking Lisa Reisert in ‘Red Eye’ and the cunning Irene Adler in the Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films. We are sure she will bring both heart and intelligence to the role of lawyer Annabel Richter.

With a career that really took off after his appearances in ‘Boogie Nights’ and in the Cohen Brothers’ cult hit ‘The Big Lebowski’, New York born Philip Seymour Hoffman has enjoyed great success both on stage and on film. Having become an icon in the independent cinema world, Hoffman’s appearances in ‘Mission Impossible: III’, ‘The Boat that Rocked’, and the lead in ‘Capote’ – for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor – earned him his reputation as a brilliant actor with a keen eye for spotting great roles. His portfolio of characters, ranging from supervillian to shock-jock radio broadcaster, will soon we understand include intelligence agent Gunther Bachmann.

An iconic photographer whose images have defined a generation, director Anton Corbijn’s work can be seen everywhere from the backs of London buses to contemporary art museums around the world. His subjects range from U2 and Mick Jagger to Al Gore and Nelson Mandela. A late-comer to the world of cinema, his first film was ‘Control’, the story of Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division. ‘The American’, his next outing, was a visually stunning thriller starring George Clooney. A Most Wanted Man will be his third film, and one which we hope will allow him to combine great story-telling with his deeply engaging visual style and strong sense of characterisation.

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