“Passion” TIFF Teaser Trailer

The Toronto International Film Festival released the first teaser trailer for “Passion” on their official website. The movie – directed by Brian de Palma – stars Rachel and Noomi Rapace. You can watch the trailer in our media archive and the high definition screen captures can be found in our gallery. It’s the first time Rachel done anything like this, so I am excited!

The movie will have it’s world premiere September 7 at the Venice Film Festival and will premiere at TIFF a few days later. It’s still looking for a US distributor, so no release date has been set so far.

3 Comments on ““Passion” TIFF Teaser Trailer”

  1. Damn, this is every Rachel McAdams fanboy’s dream… Remember that interview with Channing Tatum where she said she doesn’t walk around nude and he said she just disappointed so many men? (http://rikayla.tumblr.com/post/17515557463) Well, Rachel is making up for it in this movie LOL… I do feel like she could look a little older, but I like how she dropped her vocals to go for a more masculine tone in the teaser trailer. We’ll see how her performance is like.

  2. cnt wait till a longer trailler comes out. ps rachel mcadams previsously did a movie, my name is tatiano, where she is topless of a beach anyhow, this movie will be great and rachel will have the biggest spotlight. hopefully this movie will be nominated for some major awards

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