Details on “Maudie”

Rachel is currently attached to star in “Maudie“, the bio-pic about Canadian fol artist Maud Lewis. Producer Mary Young Leckie will hit the IFF market at the Toronto Film Festival. Thanks to our visitor tempjord we now have a detailed plot about the movie.

I would also recommend anyone who is interested to know more about Maud Lewis to watch this beautiful short film about her life. Keep in mind the production of this movie seems to be in early stages, so noting is offiical.

Feature / Drama / English
Produced by Rink Rat Productions and Screen Door
Directed by Jean-François Pouliot
Written by Sherry White

Maudie is an unlikely love story in which a curmudgeonly miser hires a tiny disfigured woman to be his housekeeper and ends up managing her artistic career as a she becomes a well loved folk artist. Inspired by the life story of Nova Scotia folk artist Maude Lewis.

EVERETT LEWIS (48) is a man who owes nothing to anyone. Tall, skinny and shabby, abandoned by his parents at a very young age, he has nevertheless managed to become a proud and self-sufficient man, largely by collecting scraps and peddling fish. He lives in a 10X12 foot house that has neither running water nor electricity, but at least it’s all his. Everett is his own boss and has everything he needs, except maybe a woman to clean the house and cook his meals. When he posts an ad for a live-in housekeeper, the only interest generated is from a strange looking woman – short, hunched over, with gnarled up hands and two huge bright brown eyes. And her name is MAUDE DOWLEY (32).

Though Everett resists at first, he finally hires Maud. But he is suspicious of her. She talks too much, has too many opinions. She’s a terrible housekeeper and keeps talking marriage whenever he tries to have sex. She spends most of her time painting doodles on cardboard the walls of his house. Everett realizes he hardly got what he bargained for. At least, the little cards that Maud paints begin to sell, so she can start pulling her weight around the house.

But what’s worse is Everett is starting to need Maud. When she isn’t near him, his life is dull and grey. As years pass and Maudie becomes a recognized folk artist, Everett has more difficulty hiding from his feelings. His fears of abandonment rise to the surface and become intolerable whenever he feels at risk of losing her. He has to decide whether he’ll shut down and protect himself from ever being hurt, or if he will take the risk and let love into his life, even if it means his heart will break for doing it.

Without love, there is no purpose

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  1. I don’t know if I would like to see Rachel in a role that describes her as ‘a tiny disfigured woman’.

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