“To The Wonder” TIFF 2012 Premiere – First look

Rachel is currently attending the premiere of “To The Wonder” in her hometown Toronto. We added the first released photos in our gallery, keep checking back for more additions later today/tomorrow.

3 Comments on ““To The Wonder” TIFF 2012 Premiere – First look”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh I saw a twitpic from ETCa or something and she looks stunning! Hair perfect! Makeup PERFECT! Dress colour PERFECT! *I do wish it had bo sleeves on both sides the weather is still nice for that look*

    But love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best look well top 10!

  2. What luck… She had a similar dress with Noomi Rapace at the Sherlock premiere and now another similar colour with Olga… Rachel’s stylist needs to network with other stars, yo.

    Her makeup is flawless but not feeling the one-sleeve dress. The colour is gorgeous tho.

    But overall, glad she made an effort to appear at TIFF despite all the prep work in LA rn for “AMWM”.

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