TIFF 2012 Interviews Round-Up

Rachel only did a few interviews while she was attending the Toronto International Film Festival to promote “Passion” and “To The Wonder” including a round table interview but the first interviews are released online. We added them in our press archive, so be sure to check them all out.

She did a phone interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about her upcoming movie “A Most Wanted Man” which will start filming next Wednesday (September 19) in Hamburg, Germany:

“It’s in Hamburg, which I’ve never been to before, and where the book is set,” said McAdams. “Philip Seymour is in it, whom I’m over the moon I get to meet and work with. She’s a great character, this German lawyer. She’s a big bike rider, so I’ll ride around the city a lot.”

Los Angeles Times published two articles with quotes from Rachel talking about “Passion” and “To The Wonder“. IndieWire published a nice round-up from Rachel and Olga Kurylenko’s “To The Wonder” round table interview.

McAdams’ role is fairly small, and she gets as little dialogue as the rest of the cast, but she says she knew what she’d be in for. “Terry told me the role would be smallish,” the actress said, “so it freed me up to go in and have a good time, and not expect too much in that way… I think he’s a lot like a sculptor, he brings a lot of clay in, like way more than anyone would ever need, and allows the story to reveal itself to him. Which I think is beautiful, and brave. I think he’s just collecting. Collecting great things.”

We will add more interview once they will be released in our press archive, and we are currently working on the video coverage and be sure to look out for more photo additions this weekend as well.

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