Julia Roberts would love to work with Rachel

Julia Roberts (“Nothing Hill”, “Erin Brockovich”) recently did an interview with the Canadian Hello! magazine. She was asked to name actors who she would love to work with and she mentioned Rachel and Jessica Chastain:

Are there other actors you’d love to work with?
There are so many. I think Rachel McAdams is great, always consistently interesting. Jessica Chastain is another one. I thought she was fabulous in The Debt.

Julia recently produced “Jesus Henry Christ” which stars Rachel’s “Midnight in Paris” costar Michael Sheen. This is not the first time Julia mentions Rachel, a few years ago she also revealed that she thought Rachel was one of the most promising actors of her generation. Fun fact: Julia’s niece Emma Roberts considers Rachel as one of her favorite actresses and recently wrote on twitter that she thought Rachel deserved an Oscar for her role in “Mean Girls“.