Happy 34th Birthday Rachel! (+ Media Archive Re-vamp)

Today is a very special day because Rachel turns 34! We want to wish Rachel a very happy birthday! We hope she will have a wonderful day with her family and friends. She recently wrapped up filming “A Most Wanted Man” so she can hopefully enjoy her birthday with her loved ones. Popsugar, Elle Magazine, Instyle, and Celebuzz did a nice special to celebrate Rachel’s birthday, so be sure to check them out!

To celebrate Rachel’s birthday we decided to do something special. As you may have noticed we put our media archive on maintenance mode since last week because we did a major revamp. We switched to a different system, so it’s easier to maintain, organize and visit. It’s a lot of work to move the +500 videos from our old archive to the new one, so we will slowly work on it the next weeks/months but it will be worth it in the end.

I want to give a special thank you to my friend Luciana from Jessica-Chastain.com for helping me out with the archive.

8 Comments on “Happy 34th Birthday Rachel! (+ Media Archive Re-vamp)”

  1. Happy Birthday to Rachel! I love watching her on screen, and look forward to seeing what she does with her career next.

  2. feliz cumpleaños Rachel! te deseo lo mejor. Sigue como eres y que cumplas muchos mas, porque alegras mi vida :)

  3. Hey Beatiful,just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.today is also my Birthday,go Scoripo…later sexy.Bo.

  4. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Rachel!, The years pass but I love her every day more, Best wishes to her and i hope she will have a great day with your loved ones, and sorry for my bad English.

  5. Hi! Happy Birthday Rachel! you are fantastic, continues as you are.
    My best wishes to you.
    A hug and many blessings
    Tammy :)

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