Domhnall Gleeson on Rachel & “About Time”

Domhnall Gleeson recently talked to Collider to promote his movie “Anna Karenina“. He also talked a little bit about working on “About Time” in which he stars with Rachel:

“I’m just lucky, I got to work with some really cool people this year. Richard is like, the man. It’s kind of about love and it’s about live and death and birth and it’s about all those things and how to live your life, a way to live your life, but it’s also a time travel comedy romantic thing. It’s very different to what he [Richard Curtis] has done before I think. His heart is in the same place, but it’s told differently. I am extremely excited, I loved making that film very much. Rachel McAdams is kind of wonderful -interviewer: [jokes] She is kind of okay – yeah she is amazing.”

The movie already had two test screenings in the UK and they also did a few days of reshoots in London with part of the cast. It will have it’s first test screening in Los Angeles, California tonight. Post-production is expected to last until late december of this year and the movie will hit theaters in the UK March 22, 2013 followed by a May 10, 2013 release for the US.