“About Time” Test Screenings – First reactions

We already mentioned in our previous updates that Rachel’s upcoming movie “About Time” had it’s first test screenings in the UK, but now the movie also had test screenings in the US. Emma Freud, script editor of the movie, wrote on her official twitter account:

Good morning from LA. 1st US screening of new movie last night. Went scarily well. Rounds of applause during it and everything. Bloody phew! (Source)

We came across some tweets from people who were lucky enough to see the first version(s) of the movie already. You can find their reactions below/inside:

#AboutTime was great! Really fun #film. Definitely one to watch in 2013. (Source)

Just watched a film called “about time”. It was one of those preview screenings. It was awesome! Great story line, interesting & funny! (Source)

About time screening was fantastic!! (Source)

Apparently I’m part of a demographic! So my wife and I were invited to see a sneak preview of About Time with Rachel McAdams, really Good (Source)

The movie we saw for free to do a survey on was a pre-screening for “About Time” w/ Rachel McAdams IT WAS SO CUTEEE ^.^ (Source)

Had the great pleasure of going to an early screening of Richard Curtis’s next movie tonight. It was wonderful. I laughed my ass off and cried like a little baby! Also, Bill Nighy is a genius. I adore him always. (Source)

This one could possibly contain some spoilers:

I highly recomend the movie. I saw it last night and found it to be funny and heartfelt. The person that posted the synopsis from the Internet is very close to what I would say. A man that finds out he can travel back in time throughout his life and the time he goes to as he decides to do them over whether it be because he wants a redo or just wants to do it again…Tim doesn’t meet Mary on one of his time travels but has to figure out how to re meet her after he changes something. It is also about dealing with life. Living to experience every day to the fullest and just because you may be able to have a do over it doesn’t mean you should. Things may be better the way they happened even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. It is sure to make you laugh. :) great actors.(Source)

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i’m actually hopeful now bc i hated THE VOW it was just so predictable and bland but given that this is richard curtis and all, ajkfhlakj i am excited.

  2. I am really excited about this one, because I love Richard Curtis’. I know people will compare it with TTTW because of the time travel part but I hope Curtis will put a surprising spin to it.

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