“To The Wonder” UK Trailer

The very first trailer for “To The Wonder” was exclusively released by The Guardian today. The movie is expected to be released 22 February, 2013 in the UK after premiering during the Venice Film Festival. We added the high definition trailer in our media archive, be sure to watch it below.

2 Comments on ““To The Wonder” UK Trailer”

  1. omg she looks utterly gorgeous in this trailer. no wonder they released the photo of her and ben together first. she looks absolutely stunning. olga who? seriously. she looks so natural and gorgeous and understated – beautiful. not sure if i’m gonna watch it though bc isn’t it apparently like 2+ hours? not sure if i can take a malick film of just ~beauty~ and things for 2 hours, so maybe i’ll just wait until it comes out and i can fast forward all the olga parts lmfao.

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