Producer Eric Fellner on “About Time” talked with producer Eric Fellner from Working Title. The production company is producing “About Time“. He talks about the movie, and also reveals they will probably change the May 10, 2013 release for the US. The first trailer for the movie got classified earlier this month, but it’s not yet released.

CS: Anyway, you guys are always working on a lot of different projects so what have you been working on for next year?
Fellner: We’ve got a new Richard Curtis movie called “About Time” which stars Rachel McAdams and a fantastic young actor called Domhnall Gleeson, who is Brendan Gleeson’s son. He was actually in “True Grit” and he was in “Anna Karenina” as well and he’s just gorgeous to watch on screen. It’s a beautiful Richard Curtis romantic comedy about the simplest of things in life which is two people who fall in love and have a family and that is it.

CS: I thought it was a big science fiction movie for some reason.
Fellner: Well, it’s interesting you say that. There is an element of time travel in it but it’s a very aside element. The film is about love and life and it’s funny and engaging. We actually just previewed it in L.A. two days ago to unbelievable results so we’re very excited about it.

CS: And that’s going to be a summer movie opening in May I believe?
Fellner: We’re not quite sure whether it’s going to be March, April or September. We’re just working that out. I doubt it will come out in the summer.