Anton Corbijn blogs about “A Most Wanted Man”

Filming for “A Most Wanted Man” finished over a month ago. Director Anton Corbijn blogged about the movie on his official website a while ago. You can find his blog entry below. Thanks to Jord for the heads up!

The shooting of my new film A MOST WANTED MAN started a month ago in hamburg, germany. getting incredible performances from the actors amongst which are philip seymour hoffman, rachel mcadams, willem dafoe, nina hoss, grigory dobrygin and daniel brühl. my DoP is benoit delhomme so it will look strong, poetic and modern. the film is based on john le carré’s book of the same title and deals with a possible terrorist threat in hamburg post 9/11. if all goes to plan the movie’s release will be in autumn 2013, but expect to find more updates here during this process.

He also wrote a little bit about the movie before he began shooting the movie:

[…] this autumn i am hoping to shoot my 3rd feature, a john le carré based story called A MOST WANTED MAN, set in hamburg. i have a tremendous cast and a great script so that is the best start you can hope for. coming to you in 2013, fingers crossed.

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  1. could this be a contender for oscar nominations,i really want rachel mcadams to be nominated for an oscar. shes from my city london ontario, i hope she is nominated for an oscar,i wish she got the role in the playbook wit bradley cooper, fingers crossed

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