“About Time” gets November release

Universal has pushed back the US release of “About Time“. Producer Eric Fellner talked about the possibility of changing the release date but now we finally have official confirmation. The movie recently got a R Rating and was really well received after it’s first test screenings.

Universal has pushed the release of “About Time,” Richard Curtis’ time travel romantic comedy starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. Instead of opening May 10, it will open in limited release Nov. 1 before going wide Nov. 8.

Curtis, the filmmaker behind “Love Actually” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” wrote and directed the film, a comedy being produced by Working Title’s Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Nick Kentish Barnes.

The film also stars Tom Hollander and Bill Nighy. A Universal spokesperson said the film was moved to the fall because it’s the “perfect season for the film.”

It was going to open in a packed May, one week after “Iron Man 3,” the same week as “The Great Gatsby” and a week before “Star Trek Into Darkness.” It would serve as counter programming to “Iron Man” and “Star Trek” but may hit the same audience as “Gatsby.”

In moving to November, it will open the same weekend as the adaptation of “Ender’s Game” and then go wide the same weekend the sequel to “Thor” opens. Lower-budget awards fare will no doubt surface on the schedule in November as well.

Also opening in that stretch are Tyler Perry movie “We the Peeples,” romantic comedy “Love is All You Need” and Noah Baumbach’s “Frances Ha.”

I assume they will also push back the release date for the UK which is currently set for March 22, 2013.

8 Comments on ““About Time” gets November release”

  1. makes sense because of the late trailler and they need time for promotion, this serves good for award season too

  2. @ Wendy – For me it’s a good thing, even though this means we have to wait a few more months. The test screenings went really well – quoting the producer with “unbelievable results ” – so I guess Universal has confidence in the movie now.

    With the fall release I think Universal is aiming for festival and award season. I assume the movie will get a September release in the UK and they might even try to get it into TIFF ’13 before premiering it in the US. But I could be totally wrong ;)

  3. maybe the producer had low expectations… (i am so mean.) =//

    but those are good points. we would have seen a trailer by now. i hope they tack the trailer on some qt summer romcom.

  4. Rachel has lots of work in the can for this year but she doesn’t have anything lining up for 2014. Where’s she been?

  5. @ RMCFAN – She will probably (and hopefully!) film a movie for 2014 this year and since it’s only early 2013 that gives her a lot of time to do another movie that will probably come out in 2014 :-)

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