Rachel considered for Untitled Cameron Crowe Project?

The paparazzi photographed Rachel and writer/director Cameron Crowe going for a walk in Boston on Saturday (March 23). We are not allowed to post these on our site, but we will link you to them as soon as another site publishes them. She was spotted later that day with her “Wedding Crashers” co-star Bradley Cooper, who is in Boston to film the untitled David O. Russell project. A fan shared a photo with Rachel on her twitter account that Bradley took of them together.

Emma Stone was also spotted and photographed in Boston on Saturday. Emma and Bradley are currently set to star in the untitled Cameron Crowe Project. We are assuming that they are doing pre-production work for the movie while Bradley is in Boston. The movie is expected to start filming in the Spring of this year.

The Untitled Cameron Crowe project is a rewrite of his 2008 “Deep Tiki” script, you can read a review of the old script, which includes the plot line, over here. Rachel’s attachment to this project is probably in the very early stages, and that’s why I was a little bit hesitant to make this post in the first place, but we take is as a good sign that she met with the director.

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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic about this. Seeing that Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper were long cast into this film before Rachel met with Cameron Crowe, I’m gonna assume that if she was cast into the movie, it’s a supporting role in an ensemble piece. Good to see her signing up new projects though. The autumn film promotion period (for ‘About Time’ and ‘Most Wanted Man’) seems very far away…

    (I find it kinda awesome that we’re breaking Rachel McAdams news before other entertainment news sites though.)

  2. Yes, I assume she will be playing Bradley’s ex-wife, which is the supporting part. I don’t mind her playing supporting roles, as long as they are good ones. I mean her performance in ‘The Family Stone’ is one of my favorites. But her taking on a supporting role might leave room for her to do “Maudie” as well. Well I’m happy she is having meetings in the first place, she is also in LA right now so let’s hope she will sign on to a project.

    (Haha, thanks :) The paps didn’t even recognize Cameron Crowe in the candids from Saturday)

  3. Okay, I’ve read the blog post with the script plot. it sounds really complicated. I hope they’ve simplified it during the rewrites!

  4. Thanks for the link. The plot doesn’t speak to me at all tbh. But I’m excited that there is a possibility of her working with Bradley again.

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