Rachel will be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”!

Interbridge is reporting that Rachel will make an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this Monday, April 8th. Check your local listing for the time, and we will try to give you our coverage of her appearance as soon as possible. We assume she will promote “To The Wonder” which will hit selected theaters and will get a VOD release next Friday, April 12.

Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC
Mo 4/8: Rachel McAdams, Kelly Oxford, Kid Rock

I have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised when I saw this. I wasn’t expecting promotion of Rachel for this movie since her screen time is between 10-15 (judging on the reviews). Let’s hope she will do more promotion for the movie next week!

3 Comments on “Rachel will be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”!”

  1. YES THIS HAS MADE MY DAY!! I guess Ben Affleck is busy with his projects and Olga isn’t really a box office draw. Jimmy Kimmel is among my top two favourite talk show hosts (along with Craig Ferguson) so I’m excited! Yay :D

  2. This hopefully means there will be a press junket and/or special screening/premiere. I actually thought Olga would be the only one promoting this, like she did in the UK. I mean, she also has ‘Oblivion’ coming out with Tom Cruise.

  3. GAH I wish I didn’t see this! Now I am gonna stay up late! *cries* not the best week for this Rachie!

    I’m counting on you Lindsey to put it in the media :(

    I do love me some Jimmy though!

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