“A Most Wanted Man” Cannes 2013 Film4 Slate

Empire Magazine is reporting that footage of “A Most Wanted Man” was shown to industry people yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The footage was part of Film4’s Slate 2013 reel presented by Tessa Ross.

Film4’s contribution to British cinema over the past few decades has been virtually unparalleled – and, judging by the slate we saw previewed today here in Cannes, that’s not about to change in a hurry.

At a lunch at Film4’s Cannes HQ (sadly, not a building in the shape of a giant four – they’re slipping up), Film4’s Tessa Ross, who won a Bafta earlier in the year, cued up a showreel that contained brief glimpses at around a dozen forthcoming Film4 titles. The future is bright. Here’s a film-by-film rundown.

A Most Wanted Man
Anton Corbijn’s spy thriller, about a Chechen Muslim who becomes the subject of serious interest from German and US spy agencies when he illegally immigrates to Hamburg, was harder to get a handle on. But it looked as stylish as you might expect, there were brief looks at the key players, including Rachel McAdams, Daniel Brühl and Willem Dafoe, we got to hear Phillip Seymour Hoffman rocking a German accent, and there was a bit of business with someone being bundled into a car. It may be too early to dub this one this year’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but the signs are there.

The movie is still without an U.S. distributor, but has found distributors in basically every other part of the world at last year’s Cannes market. The movie is again part of the market at Cannes, so let’s hope it will find an U.S. distributor soon!

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