“About Time” Surprise Movie at Edinburgh Film Festival

The 2013 Edinburgh Film Festival Surprise Movie was “About Time“, the screening took place earlier today during the festival in Edinburgh. The movie is expected to screen during the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday and will open Film4’s Summer Screen Festival in August. The movie is directed and written by Richard Curtis and Rachel stars alongside Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy.

The first twitter reactions are coming in, we will make a round-up of the reactions in this post. So keep check back for the latest. The movie is expected to be released September 6th in the U.K. followed by a November 1st limited release before going wide on November 8th in the U.S.

Utterly in love with #abouttime. Gorgeous, sweet, unexpected love story. Well done @edfilmfest! (Source)

Just home from seeing #AboutTime at @edfilmfest – an amazingly touching and funny film. Perfect date movie xx (Source)

Absolutely adored #abouttime @edfilmfest Domhnall Gleeson Rachel McAdams & Bill Nighy superb. Best British film in years. Love Love Love it. Had to smile when The Time Traveller’s Wife star Rachel McAdams appeared in #abouttime she’s just perfect in this (Source)

About Time-what a sweet film. Live every day like you mean it. Thanks @edfilmfest! #sweet (Source)

@edfilmfest just came out surprise movie. What a really nice feel good movie with plenty of laughs #AboutTime (Source)

#AboutTime: Curtis’ best film. Doesn’t make a lick of sense but Domhnall is amazing and some big laughs. #edfilmfest (Source)

The #edfilmfest surprise film was really charming, funny and romantic (and also about time travel!!!!) – About Time (Source)

#abouttime is possibly the most feel good film I’ve ever seen. Domhnall Gleeson is going to be a star! (Source)

#edfilmfest Surprise Film was About Time, a gentle, crowdpleasing timetravelling rom-com from Richard Curtis, with a charming cast. (Source)

#AboutTime What a terrific film. Well acted and with such an unexpected storyline. Enjoyed immensely and will recommend to others. (Source)

That was the best Richard Curtis film in years. If I had time travel I’d probably just go and watch it again #abouttime (Source)

Should probs say, just saw Richard Curtis’ About Time as #edfilmfest secret screening and it was a joy!!! So much laughing and romance. Rachel McAdams is so fucking wonderful in About Time! Absolutely ideal! (Source)

Really enjoyed #abouttime at Edinburgh film festival. Young Mr. Gleason was captivating, good story and performances all round. (Source)

Just saw a surprise screening of #AboutTime and have come to the conclusion that Domhnall Gleeson is brilliant. #AboutTime Was charming, funny, and just perfect. (Source)

#SurpriseMovie #AboutTime not a film I would have picked to watch based on the synopsis, but a great charming film! (Source)

#abouttime – #edfilmfest 2013. The way all rom-coms should be!! Loved it. New Richard Curtis film officially out in September (Source)

#abouttime was absolutely Fan-bloody-tastic. Absolutely heartwarming and brilliant. Fantastic cast and plot…great film…best so FAR!! :-) (Source)

#AboutTime there was a fab new Richard Curtis film. Funny, fresh and genuinely moving. A great example of British cinema. (Source)

Film: 3/5 stars | 5/5 stars Movie
About Time is a wonderfully happy and light-hearted film, imbued with the joy of the smaller things in life. Though it will be a long while before anyone gets to see it, I would highly recommend putting it in the diary. A perfect choice for an evening where the world seems bleak!
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  1. wow. but is it good enough for people to wipe “time traveller’s wife” out of their minds after they see it?

  2. I think Time Traveler’s Wife is primarily a romance film as Robert Schwentke stated. It had instincts of a science fiction genre with the time traveling. However, as he, Rachel and Eric Bana stated in the documentary in the film.. it’s more dealing with the genuine love that she and Eric had. You can see how the relationship was very physical in the sense the way they touch each other. How they make out or how she caressed his face when she said ” I keep waiting for you to disappear” at the park bench. I think the love was more tender. I am assuming About Time will have love but it will be about romantic comedy rather than this unforgettable love like Time Traveler’s Wife or The Notebook. Only time shall tell and we shall see…

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