Glamour UK’s Twitter Q&A

Rachel and her co-star Domhnall Gleeson visited the Glamour UK office in London earlier today to do a twitter live chat/Q&A. They answered questions send in via the #GlamourAboutTime hashtag on twitter. Rachel and Domhnall even answered some questions we send in via our twitter account @rachelmonline! You can find a transcript below:

Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson talk about their celebrity crushes, music and their new movie About Time

Rachel & Domhnall: Hi! Thank you for sending in all your questions. Looking forward to having a chat!

Q: You said you’d love to be a superhero-anyone in mind? (By @rachelmonline)
Rachel: I’m always in time-travelling films but never get to time travel so I’d like to be a time-travelling super hero

Q: What really made you say yes to being in this film? (By @claudia_feno)
Domhnall: Richard Curtis, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy = yes!

Q: What is your fave Richard Curtis film? (By rachelmonline)
Rachel: Love Actually
Domhnall: Notting Hill

Q: Would you ever wear a red wedding dress? (By @HanLyonsPowell)
Rachel: Probably pink over red

Q: Do you have a celeb crush? (By @GoldieHepburn)
Domhnall: Audrey Tautou there’s a poster in Tim’s bedroom in the film
Rachel: Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid

Q: Name a director & actor you want to work with? (By rachelmonline)
Domhnall: Sam Rockwell and Paul Thomas Anderson
Rachel: Meryl Streep and Paul Thomas Anderson

Q: Did Bill Nighy offer you any advice? (By @rikayla)
Domhnall: He offered more support than advice and he is wonderful
Rachel: He gave me book about Canada which I loved as a Canadian

Q: How was it filming in London & cornwall? Any fave places? (By @claudia_feno)
Rachel:Eden Project!
Domhnall: The beach and the pink house

Q: Awkward moments in your own life that you’d like to change with time travel? (By AmandaLScott)
Domhnall: There are a million

Q: Fave on-set story? (By @AmandaLScott)
Rachel: Watching Domhnall entertain the kids all the time

Q: Will you bring back (By @rachelmonline)
Rachel: I love the environment and there is more to come with this. Stay tuned!

Q: Who is your favourite on-screen couple? (By @Emily_Scrivener)
Domhnall: Barbra Stanwyck and Fred Macmurray in Double Indemnity
Rachel: Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews

Q: What kind of music did they listen to on-set? (By @AmandaLScott)
Domhnall: Loic Lantione
Rachel: Wilco – Jesus, etc.

Q: What kind of film would you like to play now? (By GoldieHepburn)
Domhnall: A scary film that makes people scream!
Rachel: Not horror!

Domhnall & Rachel: That was fun – thanks so much for all your questions. We hope you enjoy the movie!

Q: First movie you remember seeing? (By claudia_feno)
Domhnall: Superman 2
Rachel: Peter Pan

Q: Where’s a place you’ve always wanted to go & haven’t been? (By @AmandaLScott)
Domhnall: Iceland
Rachel: Thailand

Q: If you could travel in time, what period would you live again? (By @GoldieHepburn)
Rachel: 60’s Beatlesmania
Domhnall: The Velvet Underground

Q: Which rom-com do you wish you had starred in? (By @Emily_Scrivener)
Domhnall: Punch Drunk Love – love that movie
Rachel: A million!

Q: Who was the person to work with on the Harry potter set? (By @WonderousWatson)
Domhnall: My dad -I got to hang out with my dad.

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