Andrew Bovell talks “A Most Wanted Man”

Andrew Bovell, who wrote the screenplay for “A Most Wanted Man”, talked to Radio New Zealand about writing the screenplay for “A Most Wanted Man” and he also talked a little bit more about the release. A transcript of his quotes can be found below, and you can listen to the entire interview over here. Many thanks to Jord for the heads up!

When’s it coming out that movie?
Early 2014

Ok, it seems to be put back, do these things happen, delays?
Erm it’s always a question of the director and the time he takes in the edit, in the post production, and Anton Corbijn the director is very thorough, very careful and he just took a long time to come to the film he really wanted to make. It was also crucial the film sold into the American market and that deal has just been done, finalized about a month ago so that’s really now set the whole scheduled for the world release.

We assume he is referring to the Australia/New Zealand release for the movie, so this could mean the US release will be late 2013. Lionsgate acquired the movie last month for the US but they have not yet announced the official US release date.

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  1. if the production team is gonna push it back for next year, then i much rather see it pushed back for next year’s fall oscar race.

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