“About Time” BBC + Times Interviews

The first interviews Rachel did earlier this month in London to promote the UK release of “About Time” are getting released. Two interviews are released so far: The Times and BBC. Thanks to Wendy for getting us the Times interview! We really like the interview she did with The Times, some excerpts can be found below. We also added the photoshoot Rachel did for The Times in our gallery, she looks radiant in a Valentino dress.

On what characters she wants to play: “From Mean Girls onwards, I’ve shown that I can play villainous characters. I can play complicated people. I like playing messy people.”

On wanting to play meaty roles: “There are only so many really juicy parts to go around, so sometimes you have to try and make the less juicy ones a bit more juicy.”

On why she took a break in 2006: “Everything was happening really quickly, there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, a lot of voices around me, and I wanted to step away so I could hear my own voice again.”
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About Time” opens on September 4th (advanced) and September 6th (wide) in the UK and Ireland followed by a November 1st (limited) and November 8th (wide) release in the US.