“About Time” New Interviews & TV Spots

Over the last few days more “About Time” promotional goodies were released. We added more press junket interviews of Rachel in our media archive including the first ones during the Munich (Germany) press day. Universal Pictures also started to air TV spots for the movie in the US to promote the upcoming release. Two spots are added in media archive as well.

The (international) media is also releasing their interviews with Rachel to promote “About Time“. We added various scans in our gallery, including her Sunday Style (Australia) interview. The translations of the dutch interviews are coming as soon as possible and the transcript of the Sunday Style interview can be found in our press archive. Be sure to also check out all the “About Time” interviews in our press archive over here.

We are trying to cover the international media coverage on the movie as good as we can, but if you noticed we missed something or you would like to donate interviews/scans/videos please drop us a line. The movie is still in theaters in the UK, was released in various (European) countries last week and will get released world wide the coming weeks. All the international release dates can be found here. The movie will be released November 1st (limited) and November 8th (wide) in the US.