The UnCool Cameron Crowe Set Visit

The webmaster Greg from, the offical website for writer/director Cameron Crowe, has the opportunity to visit the set of the still untitled Cameron Crowe/Hawaii project early November. He will hopefully have the opportunity to ask the cast and crew of the movie some questions, and he kindly offered us the opportunity to send in some questions for Rachel.

So if you have questions for Rachel feel free to leave your questions in the comments and Greg might have the chance to ask them to her. You can also e-mail us (with ‘Untitled Hawaii Project Questions’ as subject) your questions. Deadline is next week on October 27th. Keep in mind that questions related to the movie have the most chance of getting asked. Be sure to follow director Cameron Crowe on twitter @cameroncrowe and to like his official facebook page if you haven’t.

3 Comments on “The UnCool Cameron Crowe Set Visit”

  1. Can you ask Rachel if she will ever consider doing a horror movie?
    What actress she wold like to work with?
    Would she consider doing a super hero movie or a big budget action movie?
    Ask her about her role in every thing will be fine?
    Why did you decide to do a Cameron crowe movie?
    How was filming a most wanted man,did you speak german dialect throughout the movie?
    What Is her favorite past time?
    Thanks hopefully some of these are answered

  2. We are two huge fans living in Waikiki this semester, and are super stoked to come see the location/actors. Is that possible? Would be so cool. Hope to hear from you.
    -Regards Martine and Madeleine

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