Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars 2013

New York Times’ Vulture announced their 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars 2013. Rachel is ranked #88 in the general ranking list while she was ranked #27 last year. This is probably because last year she came off the box office hit “The Vow” which is also her last nation wide release in the US. This year she ranks #88 at the Vulture Rankings, #89 at Studios Favorites, #41 at Tabloid Target, #58 at Most Respected, #84 at International Stars, #33 at Comedic Stars and #58 at Dramatic Stars.

Rachel McAdams has been hard to pin down in the decade or so since she broke through with Mean Girls and The Notebook. She’ll charm in a traditional romantic drama or comedy, then take a left turn into a thriller. She was featured in the blockbuster Sherlock Holmes movies (more in the first than the second), but the full-on formula rom-com Morning Glory, which was sold on her smiling face, flopped in 2010. Then, just when it looked like her star might be permanently on the wane, she landed another profitable hit in the weeper The Vow, which made $125 million domestically off a reported $30 million budget. These highs and lows may be why, despite a high likability score, persistent interest from the gossip rags after relationships with co-stars Ryan Gosling and Michael Sheen, and several hits to her name, the studios only rate her middlingly.

Her 2011 Woody film Midnight in Paris was a surprise hit (though McAdams went against type as a shrew), but her recent collaborations with other acclaimed auteurs Terrence Malick (To the Wonder) and Brian DePalma (Passion) didn’t scare up much interest from the limited-release crowds. In the near future, she’s sticking to her preestablished tactic of combining work in her romance-themed wheelhouse (coming up: Richard Curtis’s About Time and a new Cameron Crowe ensemble comedy now shooting in Hawaii), and artier, more respectable fare like Anton Corbijn’s terrorist drama A Most Wanted Man, set for release next year. Ideally, another Sherlock Holmes–style blockbuster would help, too, but she’s still ticking along nicely, even if the studios remain cautious.
Rank Compared to 2012: -61
Domestic Box Office: $25,834,310
Overseas Box Office: $25,248,589
Studio Value: 5
Likeability: 77%
Oscars: 0
Critics’ Score: 44
Twitter Mentions: 476
Tabloid Value: 7

Some additional rankings when making ‘your own list’. Rachel ranks #86 when you only adjust Domestic Box Office, #83 at Overseas Box Office, #99 at Studio Value, #6 at Like ability, #60 at Critics’ Score, #66 at Twitter Mentions and #43 at Tabloid Value.

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  1. she deserves to be high up on the list year after year imho.
    hope ABOUT TIME will bring her back in the spotlight. she desperately needs an oscar nod

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