“Every Thing Will Be Fine”: It’s a Wrap!

Local news – including QFQ – is reporting that “Every Thing Will Be Fine” wrapped up filming in Montreal earlier this week. The movie officially completed filming after about 2 weeks for the winter scenes. The movie already filmed a few weeks last year and is directed by Wim Wenders. Rachel co-stars alongside James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Marie-Josée Croze. HanWay Films (production company) has the official plot:

Official plot: Every Thing Will Be Fine is a haunting and tender tale from acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders. Tomas (James Franco) drives in his car aimlessly on the outskirts of town following an argument with his wife. On this winter night, with the snow falling thick around the car, Tomas fails to see a young boy in the road before it’s too late… This terrible accident reverberates through Tomas’s life in the following years — how do you forgive yourself when you’ve done something unforgivable? As his relationships shatter and all seems lost, Tomas finds an unlikely path to redemption and tragedy is transformed into newfound success as a writer. But just as he thinks he’s moved on from that terrible event, Tomas soon learns there are others who have not, and they’re not done with him yet…

The movie is expected to be released sometime this year but no release date has been announced.