Video Archive Officially Moved!

We officially finished moving our video archive and we are very proud to announce that we now have over 710 videos of Rachel throughout her career. Moving the archive took way longer then we expected and we wanted to apologize again for the inconvenience. It was a lot of work to re-add all the videos collected over the years but it was worth it in the end. We now have hours of video footage for you to watch and enjoy so be sure to head over to and check it out. We have added some recent videos in our archive that we forgot to add before.

We are always looking for missing videos and footage so be sure to drop us a line if you came across a missing video or want to donate one. We are especially looking for videos from early on in Rachel’s career.

4 Comments on “Video Archive Officially Moved!”

  1. Very good staff! Congratulations for the wonderful work. And I like big fan of Rachel can only thank one million times! You are incredible !!!

  2. Hello Rachel!!!! I,m fall in love for you!!! And you are a great actress, you have magnetism!!!! Say me something!!!!

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