Vulture’s Most Valuable Stars of 2014

New York Times’ Vulture announced their annual Most Valuable Stars list. Rachel is ranked #72 in the general ranking list while she was ranked #88 in last year’s list. This year she also ranks #49 at Drama Stars, #29 at Comedy Stars, #53 at Most Respected, #39 at Tabloid Target, #68 at International Stars, and #76 at Studio Stars.

Rachel McAdams – The Revamp

What is going on with Rachel McAdams? Once upon a time, she seemed destined to rule Hollywood; now, she’s taking third leads. In next summer’s untitled Cameron Crowe romantic comedy, she’s billed below Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, just as she was the secondary love interest in Midnight in Paris and To the Wonder. She’ll always have high likability and tabloid scores thanks to classics like The Notebook and Mean Girls, but girl needs some better representation pronto. Let’s hope her recent casting on the second season of True Detective can give her the same oomph it helped give Matthew McConaughey.

Rank Compared to 2013: +16
Domestic Box Office: $37,017,956
Overseas Box Office: $50,794,416
Studio Value: 6
Likeability: 77%
Oscars: 0
Critics’ Score: 57
Twitter Mentions: 475
Tabloid Value: 8

Some additional rankings when making your own adjustments. Rachel ranks #78 when you only adjust Domestic Box Office, #66 at Overseas Box Office, #84 at Studio Value, #6 at Likeability, #57 at Critics’ Score, #71 at Twitter Mentions, and #34 at Tabloid Target.

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  1. She deserves to be among the first , for sure! Also would love to see Rachel playing a more serious and dramatic role ( Anxiously awaiting the premiere of the second season of ” True Detective” , I know she will exceed all expectations and will be a great challenge for our Rachel ) . But does she really want to be up there and live around all the glamor that goes around it all? I think not ! When she was on the verge of reaching the Top 10 , she decided to take time out and return it to the same reality ( And this is one of the biggest reasons you chose it as my actress / favorite person in the world . She is incredibly charming and really appreciate what it’s worth in the world . a rare thing to see nowadays) . We are all here cheering for you Rachel ! I know it will surprise us as it always did . Do not want to see you at the top , I want to see you happy ! Only that matter …

  2. No puedo creer que una persona con tanto talento figure en papeles secundarios. Es una actriz excelente, ademas de hermosa. Seguramente tiene que ser aconsejada por la gente de su entorno para que cambie de representante y consiga papeles para una actriz de su envargadura.

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