EW’s “Mean Girls” Reunion Issue

Entertainment Weekly featured the “Mean Girls” cast in their annual reunion issue which will hit newsstands this friday. Rachel is featured in the cast photoshoot and interview alongside Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lindsay Lohan. We have added the photoshoot outtakes in our gallery and the interview in our press archive. We will add the magazine scans as soon as possible.

If you happened to be anywhere near the Internet on Oct. 3, you probably noticed an outpouring of nostalgia for 2004’s Mean Girls. The reason? A throwaway line uttered by Lindsay Lohan’s Cady: “It’s October 3rd.”

That may seem a pretty slim thread to hang an entire day on, but it’s indicative of the fervent fan base for this new-classic teen comedy. Written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Waters (Vampire Academy), Mean Girls stars Lohan as a high school student at a new school who infiltrates the Plastics, a group of nasty popular girls led by queen bee Regina (Rachel McAdams) and her underlings: insecure Gretchen (Lacey Chabert) and dumb-as-a-stump Karen (Amanda Seyfried). The film became a surprise sleeper hit, earning $129 million worldwide and gaining an even bigger following on DVD. In the decade since, Mean Girls has joined Clueless and Sixteen Candles in the teen-comedy canon.
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  1. Oh my god! They really did it! This is so awesome!:) I so wanna see behind the scenes video!:)

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