Sacha Pfeiffer’s “Spotlight” Essay

The Boston Globe released a very interesting article on the filming of “Spotlight” which also includes essays written by Walter V. Robinson, Michael Rezendes and Sacha Pfeiffer who will be portrayed by Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel. We have added the new on set still in our gallery. Pfeiffer’s essay on working with Rachel has been added in our press archive. “Spotlight” wrapped up filming earlier this month and is expected to be released in 2015.

‘Rachel [McAdams] has asked me how long I kept my fingernails. What size Post-it Notes I preferred.’
By Sacha Pfeiffer | Globe Staff

During dinner at a downtown Boston restaurant, on an evening that was already feeling surreal — Rachel McAdams by my side, offering tastes of her branzino, Mark Ruffalo across from me, telling rip-roaring stories about his bartending days — Rachel leaned over and gestured to my right hand.

“You’re wearing a ring you didn’t mention,” she whispered, with a tinge of surprise. I followed her glance to a small gold band on my pinky finger, a long-ago gift from a dear friend. Rachel was right: Weeks earlier, when she’d asked me what jewelry I wore in 2001, I’d forgotten about that tiny ring. And because she is trying to look, act, and even think like I did 13 years ago to play me in the upcoming “Spotlight” movie, the omission caught her eye.

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