“The Little Prince” French Trailer

Paramount France released the first French (teaser) trailer for “The Little Prince” (‘Le Petit Prince’) earlier today. Rachel is part of the English voice cast but we decided to share this version with you as well because it gives a good impression of the film. We have added the trailer in our media archive, you can watch it directly below or by heading over to our media site. We think we have spotted Rachel’s character around the 00:04 mark.

French Synopsis (via Google Translator): This is the story of a story. This is the story of a little girl, fearless and curious, who lives in a world of adults. This is the story of an aviator, eccentric and mischievous, who never really grew up. This is the story of the Little Prince that will bring them together in an extraordinary adventure.

Be sure to ‘Like’ the official French Facebook page of the movie and we hope an English trailer will be released soon as well.

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  1. I am completely in love with this story ! It is the best book of all time ! I already bought the little prince a few times and always end up giving gift to a friend . I’m really looking forward to the premiere of this film , mainly because Rachel in the cast of voices !
    It will be a dream come true for me this project !!!

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