Janus Metz On Board As “True Detective” Director

Local Danish news is reporting that Danish director/filmmaker Janus Metz released a press release which states he will direct episode 3 of “True Detective“. HBO previously confirmed Justin Lin as director for the first two episodes of season 2. The press release by Metz reveals he already filmed a few minor scenes for the 3rd episode including one with Rachel and co-star Colin Farrell. Production is expected to continue after the Christmas break on January 5 in the LA area. Ekstra Bladet is reporting the following story (via Google Translator):

Janus Metz will direct the third episode out of eight in the second season, which has superstar Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn in the lead roles. The first two episodes directed by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious). The story takes place this time in and around Los Angeles, but otherwise it is little information about the series, having Nic Pizzolatto creating and screenwriter.

Nic Pizzolatto recently visited Copenhagen and subsequently invited Janus Metz on board ‘True Detective’. The two worked already together around Pizzolattos novel ‘Galveston’, which is currently adapted as feature film on the big screen.

– We have had many good talks about ‘Galveston’ and has many of the same perspectives on filmmaking. Nic was in Denmark as a guest on the TV festival and hosted master classes at film school. Here we spent four days and in this context he asked if I wanted to come to LA and direct an episode of the second season of ‘True Detective’. I had, of course, difficult to say no to, explains Janus Metz in the press release. The Danish director is currently at home and keep Christmas in Denmark.

The large team of about 70 people begin to shoot from 5 January 2015 by Janus Metz in the director’s chair, but the Danish director has already recorded a few minor scenes with Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams.

– When I make documentaries, we are rarely more than two people of the place. This is of course a huge machine, you are set to control. Sometimes sitting there 20 men behind the monitor. It is very different. But I am now not so influenced by it. The first day I had to just take a deep breath before I went on set. It was, after all, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, I was going into. I put poker on your face, it is you have to – they expect you I am the director. After our little scene I got a pat on the back by Colin Farrell and a kiss on the cheek of Rachel McAdams. So I had shown passed my test, Janus Metz.

The transition from documentary to fiction at this level means lots of preparation for the Dane, who according to his own admission, working ‘ass off’ to be fully on a par with its American counterparts.

– Everyone knows that the series is so high profile, that there is someone who will make mistakes. It is a top professional environment to work in and for me it is first and foremost a huge honor to be allowed to be on this team with so insanely talented people. ‘True Detective’ is a cultural phenomenon in the United States and has created an hype over the world. It is indeed a big boost for me in my career and I enjoy being allowed to work with both crew and cast, and not least with Nic Pizzolatto and executive producer Scott Stevens.

Season 2 is like the first season a story that played out over the eight sections season. The second season of ‘True Detective’ will premiere this summer 2015.

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