“Every Thing Will Be Fine” Berlinale Review Round-Up

Every Thing Will Be Fine” premiered last night during the Berlinale Film Festival. Rachel did not attend the press conference and red carpet premiere because she was filming “True Detective” in Los Angeles. The first reviews are being released and they are mixed so far with THR and Variety giving the most negative reviews so far. We have made round-up with the reviews so far, and we will edit this post when more reviews are released.

4/5 stars
“Strong supporting performances from Charlotte Gainsbourg and Rachel McAdams ensure subtleties in the script are heard and the greater themes in the film are seen with genuine realism. The confrontational plot may not initially appeal, but have faith in the masterfulness and artistry of the likes of Wenders and Desplat as they take you on an all-consuming journey, which will provoke emotion in even the greatest of sceptics.”
Tim Mead, The Upcoming

3/5 stars
“[…] the picture has sincerity on its side, as well as the nagging eeriness of a score (by Alexandre Desplat) that verges on the Herrmann-esque. And while it’s tasteful, even unadventurous, Every Thing Will Be Fine isn’t too timid to address the restorative effect of trauma on creativity. “Your books from before the accident weren’t as good,” someone tells Tomas in one of several authentic “ouch” moments.”
Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian

“This deeply contemplative and compelling film is an extensive look at grief, and how that powerful emotion affects people over many years. There’s a very chilling, almost Fincher-esque feel to it that makes this play almost more like a thriller than a drama. Oh, and it’s shot in 3D, as Wenders has been exploring 3D ever since his vibrant 3D dance doc Pina.”
Alex Billington, First Showing

“Every Thing Will Be Fine (in 3D) – Wim Wenders’ 12-year-spanning chilling, emotionally powerful film on grief. Holy shit so good. One of the most beautifully composed 3D films I’ve seen – and it was a drama! If you’ve seen Wenders’ Pina you know what he can do with 3D. Desplat is on fire recently! Alexandre Desplat’s score for Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine is […] amazing. Instant new favorite score.”
Alex Billington, @firstshowing Twitter

“But even underwritten or oddly accented (not sure why McAdams had to speak in anything but her normal voice), the performances are decent, as they should be as no one’s being asked to play too far outside their wheelhouse. Franco’s half-lidded somnolence actually suits Tomas’ life-of-the-mind remove, while Gainsbourg wears grief as naturally as McAdams wears subtle, supportive disappointment.”
Jessica Kiang, IndieWire

3/5 stars
“After exploring dance and architecture in 3D with Pina and Cathedrals Of Culture, Wim Wenders is now bringing his three-dimensional touch of class to the moody thriller Every Thing Will Be Fine. And while Wenders’ film is a beautiful cosmos of falling snow, glass reflections and fairground swings, it’s a very deliberate slow-burner.”
Mark Wilshin, Dog And Wolf