CWOF 2014 Commemorative Magazine

We overlooked this before but the 2014 Canada Walk Of Fame released their annual Canada Walk Of Fame Commemorative Magazine last year to celebrate and honor the 2014 inductees. As you know Rachel was one of them and received her very own star at the Canada Walk Of Fame. The magazine features interviews with all the inductees. The magazine scans have been added in our gallery and the transcript of the interview in our press archive. Many thanks to Jord for the heads up!

On Her Love For Theater: “So, fortunately, by the time I graduated school I had a few experiences under my belt. Initially it was more out of insecurity that I would not get a job in theatre that I ended up working in film and television. I would like to get back to the stage one day as it is my first love.”

On Her ‘The Notebook’ Audition: “I was sort of floating through the entire audition. I didn’t know what had happened. I remember sitting down on the sidewalk after and thinking. ‘I feel like something has changed and I don’t know that it will ever be the same again.”

On Her Roles: “I have to be able to bring something to the table—it’s really important to connect with the characters. I love transformation and diving into a character I haven’t portrayed before. I never feel like acting is easy, it’s incredibly challenging and I think it’s important to not be quite sure I can get there but excited to try.”
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