First “Aloha” Movie Clip

The first movie clip of “Aloha” featuring Rachel and her co-star Bradley Cooper titled I Really Love You was released earlier today by E! News and Daily Mail. We have added the movie clip in our video archive.

In Bradley Cooper’s latest film, Aloha, the Oscar-nominee plays a military contractor who returns to Hawaii for a big job. While trying to reconnect with an old girlfriend (Rachel McAdams), sparks start to fly between him and the watchdog (Emma Stone) who has been assigned to him.

Directed by Cameron Crowe, Aloha (in theaters on May 29) also includes Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski and Danny McBride.

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  1. oh man. rachel shows once again at how AMAZING she is at delivering lines. there’s like real emotion in her voice, there’s ups-and-downs in her line delivery that make it sound like a real person with real emotions. *__* oh god.

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