Harvey Weinstein Talks “Southpaw” At Cannes

The Weinstein Company presented their upcoming slate during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which kicked off on Wednesday, and Rachel’s co-star Jake Gyllenhaal joined Harvey Weinstein during the presentation. An interesting fact was revealed: apparently “Southpaw” was selected for the Cannes Film Festival, but it was unable to play in competition because Jake is part of the jury. The Wrap is reporting TWC will show the movie privately at the festival the coming days. Variety is reporting the following story:

The Weinstein Co.’s Cannes presentation is always an early launching pad for fall awards season. But on Thursday afternoon at the Majestic Hotel, Harvey Weinstein actually started handicapping the 2016 Oscars race from the South of France.

Joined by Jake Gyllenhaal onstage, Weinstein said it was an outrage that the star was snubbed for his performance in “Nightcrawler,” which was released by Open Road Films last fall. “We’ll get revenge,” Weinstein said. “This transformation in ‘Southpaw’ is amazing,” Weinstein added about the upcoming summer movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, where Gyllenhaal plays a professional boxer. Weinstein revealed that “Southpaw” had been selected for Cannes, but it couldn’t play in competition because Gyllenhaal is a member of the jury.

Even though Weinstein compared the film to “Raging Bull,” it also looks like an entertaining summer crowd-pleaser. The new trailer reveals a plot twist involving Rachel McAdams (who plays Gyllenhaal’s wife) that suggests her role in the film might not be large. The drama, which showcases another major transformation for Gyllenhaal, comes across as “Rocky” meets “The Pursuit of Happyness.”
Grade: A-

Rachel’s upcoming animated movie “The Little Prince” did get selected for the festival and is screening out of competition. The movie will have it’s premiere screening next week on May 22nd. The movie was also part of Weinstein’s presentation because they will release it in “select European and Australian territories” according to Deadline. Variety gave the trailer the following grade:

The Little Prince
This film based on the classic children’s story is the most promising animated pic to come out of the Weinstein Co. in years.
Grade: B+

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  1. I will watch the film because of Rachel . I’m not a fan of Jake and not much like the brutality of the fights . But I will watch …
    What about the “Little Prince ,” I will watch for sure! It is the most anticipated film of my life!

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